Why not do Nanotyrannus?


In short: most of the evidence that supports the validity of Nanotyrannus is suspect, and likely not indicative of a distinct genus.

In long: the following traits have been used to support Nanotyrannus’s validity:

And it seems suspicious that both Nanotyrannus specimens are juveniles (Jane was 11 years old, and the holotype skull is about as mature) and, among the army of Tyrannosaurus specimens, there would be no other Tyrannosaurus from around that age range.

Note: the Dueling Dinosaurs specimen is in private hands and is effectively scientifically worthless, so I haven’t discussed it here. But that specimen doesn’t necessarily entail much for Nanotyrannus – if the holotype skull is a juvenile rex, Nanotyrannus lancensis isn’t valid, and Dueling Dinosaurs would be a different species.

~ raptorcivilization


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