It’s that moment, when you’re expecting more Spirk in new film, but they give you something like this


good to know representation doesn’t matter when it’s not your gay fetishizing otp 

White slash shipping culture: a summary.

Fucktrumpets like OP here were exactly who I was vagueing about last night. When I heard the news about Sulu I went into the Hikaru Sulu tag hoping to find some things. The THREE top posts were racist homophobes like OP so I immediately left again. I’d thought these people would at least have the cutesy to keep it out of the character tag but that is of course too much to expect of their entitled asses.

This is EXACTLY why I won’t reblog any posts about the Sulu news that drag Sprik into it, because it’s usually either obviously or on the edge of racism while whining about not getting what they want, rather than celebrating for people who are already extremely under represented.


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