Can I have some advice? I was recently called out on being racist for saying that AOS demoted Nyota from an strong, intelligent, independent character to Spock’s love interest. I just at want to know, was she right? feel absolutely terrible if I was promoting racism, but as a member of the LGBT community I feel robbed of a couple that’s been icons to sci fi loving members of the LGBT community like myself. Her argument was that she went Scotty’s (a side characters)love interest to Spock’s.



No, you are not racist.


The pairing was forced.

F. O. R. C. E. D.


It was implied earlier in the first movie that Jim had a liking to her. And she didn’t seem interested in him as seen. AND SHE DIDN’T BLINK WHEN GAILIA WAS NAKED. Which means she is not straight. And sorry for not replying earlier I was watching I wish for Jeanie tv show. Anyway, Star Trek promotes diversity and independence. These insulting fans do not promote this.  Turning  Nyota into a love interest for Spock made her feel like she was only there for his emotions and yanking them out WHEN NO, JIM WAS MADE FOR THAT. He takes them out, safely, without doing it forcefully and those light touches. He doesn’t smog Spock in a kiss right after he lost his damn planet. Which is insulting BECAUSE HE SHOULD SPEND IT IN A HUG NOT A KISS. Spock deserves time alone with a loss like that in the first 24 hours without people demanding that he express grief. Everyone grieves differently, Spock included. Jim carefully extracts them around Spock when he intends not to extract emotions. McCoy is the one who is all “HEY, POINTY EARED COMPUTER, CATCH THIS FRISBEE!” And Spock getting hit by it and not emoting. Spock either amused or flattered.

Which is a hilarious scenario with poor Spock.

NYOTA UHURA IS A STRONG, INTELLIGENT, INDEPENDENT WOMAN NOT MADE JUST FOR THE SAKE OF A MAN’S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. IT’S THE OPPOSITE OF WHY SHE WAS MADE AND A DISGRACE TO HER CHARACTER. She was essentially robbed of being her own independent character for 2 movies with scenes that didn’t revolve AROUND SPOCK OF ALL PEOPLE.  Until Pegg wrote her right (god bless Pegg and Jones). Until that movie, she was only known as Spock’s girlfriend in those two movies. If they could accurately write a relationship between  Spock and Uhura without turning her into “Spock;s development” then I will be perfectly fine. Racism is saying “No, you can’t do that because you are colored” I don’t know why everyone thinks being racist is splitting apart a disgusting, horrible betrayal of both LGBT+ icons and putting them to their rightful pairing. Jim and Spock are not white people, SPOCK IS GREEN and JIM IS WHITE.


Does anyone not realize how humans in star trek were probably racist as fuck toward Vulcans before the united federation of planets were established? How Vulcans were treated by bigots, racists, bipobic, homophic, and people of all kind until they were brought together by space? And got over their differences? I have to admit, in star trek there are still likely some xenophobic people who do not represent humanity because THESE XENOPHOBIC people are the minority. Consider how T’Pol and Tripp dealt with becoming a couple on Earth, holding hands, and the stares they probably got onN Earth. I had to bring this argument up because they are both two different colors. Humans are pink/white. Vulcans are green. Do you see my analogy? Spock is not green in AOS for some stupid reason that I don’t know why. Now to the next pairing that is interacial relationship!

Nyota Uhura and Christine Chapel share a interracial W/W relationship. Christine Chapel appeared in the first star trek aos movie in the background as does Geoffrey M’Benga. They are a canon couple according to star trek tos episodes. Nyota values beauty over male attraction. She also kissed Christine on the lips. She also called T’Pring lovely. AND OH, NEED I SAY THE LOOK SHE GAVE JANICE IN CHARLIE X EPISODE?

So wonderfully gay. ❤

Scotty and Uhura, in TOS movie, were brought together because they are sweet and I think Shatner probably forgot about Christine or–wait, he does not ever watch anything with him inside in it so there is a good chance he didn’t watch TOS and went off his memory. It was the logical thing to do on his part. But either way, they were cute and they were relatable. Dedicated to their job. They were married to their job. They represent people who were in the same career who gradually fell in love over decades. I consider that timeline with Uhotty as something that happens in the canonically TNG prime timeline due to Tryla Scott. Nyota and Christine probably raised Tryla’s grandparent when Scotty was stuck in the transporter. Scotty and Uhura started out as friends. One pairing is not interested in the captain and loves the ship but also cares too much about his friend Nyota. Nyota cares about her teddy bear engineer, very, very much. She is bisexual in that timeline. The other pairing, captained by James T. Kirk, is highly in love with Spock and the ship.  And is pansexual.

If I sound insulting, please tell me because I do not mean to. 


you guys are tragic. hopeless beyond repair.

The levels of self-delusion in this are truly staggering. The stuff about Uhura being a “STRONG INDEPENDENT BLACK WOMAN WHO DON’T NEED NO MAN” and who was “reduced to a love interest” isn’t all that interesting (after all, the fandom’s been hearing it for nearly a decade), but the other stuff…dear god, did someone actually write this? And believe it?? Like, this is easily one of the most ignorant, deluded, flat out nonsensical posts I’ve seen on this site, and that’s saying a lot coming from someone also in the Star Wars fandom.

First of all, “Jim and Spock are not white people” because Spock is GREEN??? Spock is not fucking green, people, he has green BLOOD but his skin is not literally green, that is something that FANDOM INVENTED because they thought it looked better in fan art or something. Spock has literally never had green skin in canon beyond a slight tinge meant to indicate green blood underneath. Also, while it is potentially somewhat correct to say that TOS Kirk and Spock are not strictly speaking white, because William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy are both Jewish (and Spock very explicitly Jewish-coded) and Jewish people have an incredibly tenuous and conditional relationship with whiteness, obviously neither of them are people of colour, and Zachary Quinto is white. And you do know that fictional races don’t actually count as racial representation, right? Spock is not a person of colour just because he’s a Vulcan, nor is Gaila because she’s an Orion (and she actually is green). Alien/non-human characters played by white people, even if they’re painted a different colour, are still in a real-world or representation sense white characters, because Vulcans and Orions and elves and shit don’t actually exist! Shocking concept. Likewise fictional “racism” against a fictional race doesn’t automatically make members of that fictional race non-white or count as minority representation. Regardless of whether Vulcans are part of a marginalised racial minority in-universe, from an out-universe perspective they can’t be counted as non-white representation because their “race” is not one that actually exists.

(Oh, and if you’re not black you probably shouldn’t be using that word. You know which one).

Also, the claims that Uhura and Chapel were in a canon relationship?? You know, I fucking called it. I fucking knew this fandom would migrate to Uhura/Chapel as its newest sideship and use it as a shield for their bullshit after their behaviour with Uhura/Scotty got called out. What I can’t understand is how anyone can state – let alone believe – that a show from the 1960s written by racist, misogynistic, homophobic straight white men actually had canon representation of an interracial f/f relationship, including a canon black lesbian character. Like no offense but do you hear yourselves? In a time when even a mutually nonconsensual kiss between a white man and a black woman was controversial, you really think that interracial LGBT representation was on the table? Like, I’m sorry fandom, but we’ve got to stop giving those shit writers credit for shit they didn’t do. Uhura, while very easy to read as bi or lesbian based on her canon interactions in TOS, was never canonically intended to be an LGBT character, and her interactions with women never intended by the writers to be anything but platonic (and were largely the result of the “Gal Pal” no-homo attitude towards f/f relationships). And in fact, her lack of relationships or canon interactions with men were largely due to the racism of the times and the fact that you simply couldn’t show black women in romantic relationships in the 1960s. That doesn’t mean she can’t be interpreted as lesbian or bi based on TOS, but like this fandom really needs to learn the difference between canon, deliberate coding, unintentional coding and queerbaiting. Neither Kirk/Spock or Uhura/Chapel (or Uhura being into women in general) are canon because they weren’t explicitly confirmed in-text or intended to be so by the writers; nor are either of them really deliberately coded, because it’s not like the writers desperately wanted to write a great m/m and f/f romance but were forced to keep it subtextual due to network censorship or something (I know the fandom likes to believe that Gene Roddenberry was a great paragon of LGBT rights and always meant for Kirk/Spock to be canon but was tragically thwarted, but like…come on, guys). Both are thus examples of unintentional coding, since basically the writers were so racist, homophobic and misogynistic that they didn’t even realise that what they wrote looked gay (which doesn’t mean they’re not valid readings of the text, death of the author and all that, and in fact it actually makes far more sense to interpret these characters as LGBT based on in-universe evidence than it does to interpret them as straight). K/S also had a good dash of queerbaiting mixed in. But like, you do realise that unintentional queer-coding and queerbaiting aren’t actually canon LGBT representation, right??? And Spock/Uhura doesn’t erase any canon gayness because you can’t erase canon representation that doesn’t exist???

Literally everything you wrote about Uhura/Scotty is headcanon too. There’s no canon connection to Tryla Scott, and there’s nothing in canon to indicate that Uhura and Scotty were ever in a relationship (or even interested in each other) either prior to or after the events of The Final Frontier. (In fact, if you regard the comics as canon, then canon explicitly denies any romantic relationship between them). And I think this fandom is completely deluding itself regarding the actual scene in The Final Frontier because Uhura was mind-controlled by Sybok into expressing feelings for a close friend as part of, idk, some sick joke. The scene wasn’t some romantic love confession between Uhura and Scotty, it was a scene in which a woman was mentally manipulated and her autonomy and ability to consent removed. Like for fuck’s sake fandom.

And it is perfectly understandable and valid to feel robbed of an iconic LGBT relationship or be disappointed with it not being canon. I also feel that way regarding Kirk/Spock. But I think it’s worth realising that we, as white LGBT people, are not the only underrepresented minority and are not more entitled to or deserving of representation than anyone else. It’s incredibly selfish and entitled for us (yeah I’m not giving myself a pass on this behaviour either, because god knows I’ve had to face some uncomfortable things about myself) to act like canon representation for marginalised people is somehow inferior or a bad thing just because the marginalised people represented aren’t us. White supremacy lied to us, we’re not special or deserving of special privileges above POC just because we’re marginalised on an axis other than race. Maybe, just maybe, we can realise that the world doesn’t revolve around us and have some basic empathy, and appreciate positive representation even if it’s not ours?? Not to mention that LGBT POC should not be forced to choose which aspect of their identity to prioritise and in pulling this shit with interracial m/f couples we are making fandom a hostile place for them (which, you know, kind of undermines the claim that this is all about LGBT people’s welfare). It literally costs nothing to not be racist shitstains and fans of colour are not being “haters” or “insulting” by calling you out on your harmful behaviour.

Yes, fandom, our community is fucking racist. Now stop whining and making it about us and FIX. IT.


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