I know that Jewishness and whiteness are complicated but personally (as a white jew in america) I think that jewishness isn’t a poc identity and that it doesn’t face the prejudice (today, historically was another issue) that interracial relationships do. (Anyway I think you worded that post perfectly)

I know there are multiple opinions on this issue and I’m not here to argue which one is right, HOWEVER, as a non-Jewish person, it’s not my place to make definitive judgements on whether Jewish people are white or not. I might (depending on feedback) edit the post to clarify that I didn’t mean that Spock or Vulcans are not racial/ethnic minorities at all or that TOS Spock is a white character (I’m not sure what you’d say about AOS Spock because Zachary Quinto is a white actor?), just that being a fictional race or species doesn’t inherently make a character a racial/ethnic minority. That part I think I worded badly.


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