Finn’s first and last words in Star Wars : The Force Awakens.

Finn’s first words echo his fear-fueled and conditioned obedience toward the First Order. He is shaken and traumatized, but still trapped in a system in which he has to obey orders no matter what.

Finn’s last words are the culmination of his journey and character evolution during TFA. He was brave enough to run, then brave enough to come back, and now he’s brave enough to fight back against the thing he fears the most : the First Order, embodied by Kylo Ren.

[Two gifs of Finn from Star Wars. In the first one, he’s in his Stormtrooper suit but without the helmet, and says “Yes, Captain” to Phasma who is standing in the background. In the second gif, he’s standing in a snowy forest with a light saber in his hands, and says “Come get it” to Kylo Ren, who is off-screen.]


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