Been reading Uhura threads on some of the Star Trek sites (Trekmovie, Trek BBS, etc.) to find out how fans saw TOS Uhura before & after 2009…




As a newer fan, I was curious. Because after all, those of us who ship Spock and Uhura in the Kelvinverse are told how much certain ST fans dislike AOS Uhura as a character, and how much they preferred Nichelle Nichols’ Uhura in TOS.

This is what I found: 

–Threads that said it was ridiculous for TOS Uhura to be a linguist, when she was just a communications engineer/technician/switchboard operator – for these fans, the infamous scene in TUC trumped not only AOS skills, but also 1980s-2000s tie-in novels & comics attesting to her linguistic skill

–Threads that implied Nichelle Nichols was a liar with an “ever growing” MLK story & an inflated view of her importance to the show

–Threads that applauded TOS Uhura for being forever single 

–Thread that totally objectified TOS Uhura in racist and offensive ways – some of the same posters who applauded her being safe & single also sexualized her

–A few threads in 2009 that compared her “MILF” to AOS Uhura’s “hot babe”

–Ageism in general; lots of negative comments about the fan dance in TFF

–Comments that criticized & made fun of her singing

–Thread that claimed to prefer it when she had just one name / a mononym

–Threads with comments about her body size / implying that she was “holding in her abs” during Mirror Mirror

What a dumpster fire of a fandom. All the supposed applause for TOS Uhura mirrors the way I’ve seen Black women and girls in SFF talked about in many, many other fandoms. It’s clear to me that while she always had her fans, there were just as many people who treated her no better than they did AOS Uhura.

Kudos to @lucystillintheskywithdiamonds & others for constantly calling this degree of racism & misogynoir out.

I’ve been a Star Trek fan for a very long time and the fake worship of TOS Uhura annoys me as I know it’s just an excuse to criticise AOS Uhura. TOS Uhura was not seen as a goddess before AOS, like fandom tries to pretend now. As a black female sci-fi fan, she’s always been special to me, but I was acutely aware other fans just saw her as a glorified receptionist and resented any spotlight shined on her.

Thank you! I thought I’d find genuine appreciation. Instead I was hard pressed to find anything special about her, either before or after 2009. Just generalized praise… and the stuff I noted above. It was quite chilling to read what posters had to say about the caricature they’ve made up for her in their minds. 

And I hate the way that they use her to denigrate AOS Uhura. Personally, I think that Uhura Prime would adore the girl as much as Spock Prime seemed to appreciate interacting with AOS Kirk & AOS Spock. (I’m sure Uhura Prime would be quite thrilled to know there was a 23rd century Starfleet that allowed her counterpart more than a line or two per episode!)


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