Crow babies are important

Somehow it never occurred to me that crows start out as babies.

Crows do start out as babies, but they sure don’t look like that! That bird is some sort of precocial species, or a species where the chicks hatch relatively independent, able to move around, avoid predators, and forage from day one. Chickens and ducks are precocial, as are most other ground-nesting birds (plovers, grouse, etc). Precocial chicks are adorable lil fluffballs! See: this super fucking cute pixar short with a baby plover

But all corvids, including crows, are altricial, which means they’re like us humans, aka basically helpless at birth (er. hatching). Most baby altricial species (again, like us!) look like…. basically weird lumpy larvae for the first little bit of their existence. Which brings me to a real baby crow, this sleepy little fella: 


Not as fluffy, it’s true, but hey, he’ll grow up to be a sleek handsome rascal! 


I can’t find the original sources of the images, but according to reverse Google image search the picture on the left is of a baby buff-banded rail (Gallirallus philippensis) and the centre image is a baby corn crake (Crex crex), neither of which are closely related to corvids. I can’t get a definite ID on the image on the right, but I would guess it’s also a rail or crake of some kind.


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