what’s with this website and assuming vulcans are inherently bigots “because logic”? do people seriously think that ethical/diplomatic principles (such as treating others with common respect and decency) are “emotional traits” which vulcans would automatically be devoid of? and even then, do people seriously think vulcans are entirely without emotion? both spock and tuvok CONFIRM for us on multiple occasions that vulcan disciplines are learned, practiced, and maintained.

honestly this whole rhetoric just baffles me since you’ve got the cardassians—the literal embodiment of white supremacy in space—and people instead write headcanons and bad discourse over how vulcans are the galaxy’s resident bigots/snobs/elitists instead. i’ve seen enough “vulcans are inherently homophobes/transphobes/racists/sexists” bad discourse ok this blue hellsite to last a lifetime.

maybe actually learn a thing or two about vulcan cultural values and think critically before writing these things. because believe me, they’re not accurate and they’re not helpful.

on second thought, i realize that a lot of people probably think of “logic” as something which anti-sjw cishet white men use to shut down any argument that forces them to think about how their actions affect others.

please don’t do this. vulcan logic is nothing like this disgusting pitiful excuse for an argument, and these obnoxious humans are using the word wrong to begin with anyway. there are different forms of logic, and vulcan logic encompasses peace, wisdom, diversity, unity, and a strong sense of ethics. sure, it’s not always used that way in-universe (captain solok comes to mind), but the philosophical ideals which t’plana hath and surak brought to vulcan society included all of these things in their ways of living. vulcan culture is so much more than logic, and vulcan logic is so much more than the ways it’s interpreted by non-vulcans.

Vulcans are actually really emotional, they just control it.

Vulcan logic isn’t about discarding emotion and shaming those who don’t; it’s about ontrolling ones own thoughts and actions.


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