and here she’s thinking “Spock you illogical Fuck, you had decades to cancel this wedding, you showed up with a boyfriend and you STILL didn’t cancel this wedding, you still are Not canceling it right now. so i am going to cancel it for you. because i’m not doing this either. but. for the record. i find your behavior in this irrational and unacceptable. if i have to witness you being this stupid again i’m going to cut ties. next time i see you have your shit together spock. get married to the human you dragged here. don’t you dare come back to me on your next pon farr. i will not help. its fuck or die and i’m here to let you die if you don’t find someone else to fuck. get it together.

i know i am. i should have done this years ago. but you dragged it out. so now i gotta lead on this bozo behind me long enough to break us up. know that my next fiance after this fiasco is going to be more intelligent and logical ffs. maybe that girl that you said thinks i’m cute. she sounds smart. smarter then you. and she won’t have all this pon farr shit to put me through. 


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